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CIT (Counselor-In-Training) Program

Timber Pointe’s 5-week overnight CIT program teaches young people (ages 15-17) what great leaders do and say, and gives them opportunities to practice this in a fun, safe, and positive environment, while impacting the lives of children with disabilities and challenging illnesses! CITs will learn the skills necessary to be positive role models, intentional helping hands alongside experienced camp staff members, and future camp/recreation/youth development leaders.

Goals of the CIT Program:

Make an impact!

Provide intentional extra hands to assist Counselors and Program Staff in supporting campers in the development of life skills, self-esteem, and independence in areas including but not limited to: behavior, social interaction, and emotional regulation.

Connect with people different than you!

Increase participants’ ability to connect with people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, especially individuals with disabilities and/or challenging illnesses.

Learn leadership, teamwork & job skills!

Equip participants with knowledge and hands-on experience of critical personal and professional skills that improve functioning and independence in all aspects of life (problem-solving, time-management, decision-making, empathy, conflict-resolution, etc.).

Find new passions & perspectives!

Develop young leaders who emerge with new passions and perspectives, and the confidence they’ve made definitive steps forwards on their journey to find their identity and direction in life.




The first week will be spent alongside camp Counselors, Program Staff, and Specialists learning and growing during our “All-Staff Development Week,” which will include teambuilding and bonding activities, as well as training on the following topics:

  • Behavior management

  • Specific disability overviews

  • Sensory needs and integration strategies

  • Diversity, inclusion, and adaptation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Following a schedule/time management

  • Personal care and transferring

  • Communication and feeding techniques

  • Safety and supervision policies

  • Dealing with homesickness

  • And more!

The next 4 weeks will be spent putting this knowledge into action by supporting, supervising, and nurturing campers and their development alongside experienced camp staff members (ages 18+). Each CIT will spend 3 of those weeks assisting assigned Counselors with their designated campers and receiving coaching/mentorship from the counselor role/perspective, and 1 week working with Program Staff to experience and support the preparation, facilitation and clean-up of adaptive camp activities.


Throughout their entire experience, CITs will be led by a CIT Supervisor, who will ensure their health, safety and welfare as well as provide feedback and strategize with CITs on methods to improve their skills and performance.


Details & Dates:

CITs will receive a weekly participation stipend of $175/week. CITs are required to live on-site in climate-controlled cabins during the program, but may leave during off-times. 

CIT Program Dates:

May 26th-June 28th 2024. First camp session begins June 2nd. CITs must begin on the program start date and be available for the entirety of dates listed. CITs are required to attend our All-Staff Development week prior to the camp season, which will be held May 26th-31st.

CITs will receive at least one full day off per week (Friday evenings-Sunday mornings), and additional times off depending on which programs are running that week (Partner Camps, TPOC Overnight/Day Camps).

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