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What do you get out of being on staff at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center? Scroll down to read more about the value of a summer at camp, your pay, time off, and how camp translates to your resume and future career!

1. Be part of something bigger.

At Timber Pointe, you'll work for and live out a mission bigger than yourself, and spend your summer in a community that is committed to breaking down barriers so that everyone, regardless of ability, feels included, empowered, and capable of exponential growth. You'll be a part of helping children with disabilities and life-altering illnesses experience childhood without limits, and welcoming adult campers back to a place that has transformed their lives, a place where they feel free to be themselves - a place they call home. The impact you make on our campers is one that lasts far past that summer… they leave with more courage, more confidence, and more capability because of the things you've helped them accomplish, the "wins" and the "firsts" you've encouraged them towards. They leave with the knowledge that their voice matters, because you've listened, and the knowledge that they are more than enough, because you've unconditionally supported, because you've loved.

2. Get paid, fed, and housed in a ridiculously beautiful location.


We value our staff and their hard work tremendously, and our weekly stipend is competitive in the camping industry. By the end of summer, you'll make $3,600 - $4,800 depending on your role and the number of weeks you work (Counselors have the option of taking 2 weeks off for partner camps that bring in their own Counselors).


In between every camp session, you'll have Friday evening through Sunday morning off to refresh. We also give staff additional breaks during the week, which will depend on what role you're in. Your time off is your own, and we encourage staff to use their breaks in ways that are most restful to them! We also offer resources and spaces to help make the most of the time you have. Staff can take advantage of Woods Center (converts into our "staff lounge" during the summer and has Wifi, space to store staff snacks, a Keurig/microwave/fridge, and a TV), as well as our full camp facilities. Whether you stay on camp property, go home on the weekend, or venture out to Bloomington/Normal, we want your time off to be as restful as possible!


Unlike other summer jobs, your housing and meals are free while you work at camp, so you can save up those paychecks you're working hard for! Our cabins are cozy and comfy, and the food is cooked by professional chefs who we bring in through an outside catering company. On-site laundy facilities are also available to all summer team members.


Location, location, location! Timber Pointe Outdoor Center is a gorgeous, green, 170-acre property right on Lake Bloomington. We have a beautiful trail system you can hike during off-times, and you can utilize camp watercrafts (canoes, kayaks, paddle boards) to explore the lake as well! With Bloomington/Normal just 20 minutes away, endless options for restaurants (our staff's favorite go-to is a Sonic slushie), stores, and more are just a short drive away.


3. Gain valuable, life-long connections.

Camp is a place where life-long friendships are forged. Pouring your heart into an incredible mission alongside like-minded individuals, in a space where you are invited to step out of your "cool shell" and be your authentic self, creates connections unlike any other. You'll meet people who will become part of your chosen family, people who will stick with you forever. You'll also create relationships and connections that can benefit your future endeavors, such as references who can testify to your character/performance as you apply to future endeavors (grad school, jobs, etc.). Camp Directors/Supervisors write great letters of recommendation, because they take the time to get to know you as an individual and see you in action on a daily basis!

4. Experience endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Skill Development & Mentorship

During Staff Development, you'll receive 60+ hours of orientation, job readiness training, skills development and profession-focused learning that will be essential in your work here and beyond. We'll teach you everything you need to know about working at camp- and then some! You'll be trained on specific disability overviews, sensory needs and integration strategies, communication and feeding techniques, behavioral support, emergency procedures, personal care and transferring, safety and supervision, and diversity, inclusion, and adaptation.


Program Staff will receive additional training on facilitation techniques, inclusive game and sport design, and specific activity facilitation (belaying and facilitating rock wall/zipline/giant swing, waterfront activities, arts & crafts, science, cooking, etc.).

However, your development doesn't stop after that week- throughout the summer, there will be unlimited opportunities for tangible moments of learning and teaching that will stick with you and inform your future successes.

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