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So much s'more than a summer job.

In just one summer at Timber Pointe, you will grow and contribute more than you thought possible in such a short span of time. That's what we're all about here... re-imagining what's possible for individuals with disabilities and life-altering illnesses, and making it happen. Doing so is incredibly rewarding work, but demanding work as well. We expect a lot from our staff, but we also expect they'll gain a lot from their time here. 

Together, we make an impact.

Together, we think outside the box and adapt- we break down barriers and eliminate limits so that everyone, no matter their diagnosis, can access camp and the adventures within it. Together, we create and foster magic. Together, we make "firsts" possible, we turn "can'ts" into "cans," we witness life-altering "wins." Together, we help campers and each other find the confidence to try something new, choose courage, and believe in themselves and their ability to do hard things. Together, we demonstrate what unconditional regard, support, and love look like, sound like, feel like. Together, we create a space of inclusion and empowerment, one where everyone feels free to be themselves and is accepted for exactly that. Together, we provide transformational experiences. Together, we work hard, we play even harder, we help, we support, we share our skills, we advocate, we raise up others, we celebrate mistakes, we grow, we love. 

Summer 2024 Positions:

Looking to make an impact this summer? Ready to create meaningful connections, gain new life experiences, build your resume, and take on new challenges, all while having the time of your life?! If you are hungry for adventure and passionate about helping children and adults with disabilities and life-altering illnesses live their best life, then we are looking for you to join our camp family at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center!



A camper's "person." When asked at the end of the week what their favorite part of camp was, many campers will say YOU.

Without a doubt, the relationship between a camper and their counselor is one of the most therapeutic elements of camp. Counselors set the tone for how great a camper’s experience will be as they accompany, encourage, and support them throughout camp adventures with enthusiasm and unconditional love. Counselors will be assigned 1-4 campers, depending on their individual needs, and will be by their campers’ sides- guiding them throughout their day, providing direct care, and utilizing strategies to promote positive behaviors, interactions, and development. By guiding campers through epic camp programming, they not only give campers experiences they never thought possible, but experience their own personal and professional growth, cultivating skills such as creativity, leadership, and problem-solving. Boost your resume with this position that gains and utilizes valuable collaboration and communication skills daily!


The magic makers. You'll have the chance to be a stargazer, s'mores creator, belayer, karaoke host, sno cone connoisseur, lifeguard, and more- you'll be the person who helps campers fly.

Program Staff facilitate the epic camp FUN! As Program Staff, you'll create limitless adventure, magical memories, and life-changing experiences for individuals with disabilities and life-altering illnesses.  Program Staff are cross-trained to facilitate many activities, including ropes (rock wall, zipline, giant swing), canoeing, archery, arts & crafts, science, cooking, sports & games, and more! This role requires heaping amounts of enthusiasm and creativity, as Program Staff often utilize characters and costuming, performances, etc. to create unforgettable moments and, ultimately, a camp experience full of awe, wonder, and excitement. You may be a villainous pirate invading the beach one day, a wizard leading potions class the next, and a knight jousting with pool noodles the day after that! By learning and applying awesome facilitation techniques, you'll lead campers to create, bond, explore, imagine, soar, and achieve. Develop meaningful relationships alongside leadership skills, initiative, time management, teamwork, adaptability, and SO much more!




Beacons of compassion, empathy, and resourcefulness. You'll be a cheerleader, supervisor, idea-generator, advocate, and lifeline as you support and challenge both campers and staff to grow.

Intervention Specialist: The Intervention Specialist is devoted to being the support system for campers and counselors, and holds advanced knowledge of camper care, positive behavioral strategies, effective communication, and conflict resolution. They are resourceful and proactive, thinking outside the box to generate ideas and strategies to equip counselors in developing and promoting positive behaviors and choices within campers, successful transitions, effective sensory solutions, and maximum participation in camp life. Through observation, meaningful coaching, and intentional conversations, the Intervention Specialist works with campers and counselors to define, work towards, and celebrate their strengths, successes, and growth!


Program Specialist: The Program Specialist serves as immediate support for Program Staff, and assists in the planning, preparation, and supervision of all activities across the various summer programs. They infuse the mission of Timber Pointe into the experiences of campers, volunteers, and staff, implementing schedules and adaptations while bringing magic and imagination to life daily. The Program Specialist possesses strong logistical skills and creativity, providing the tools, resources, and support to help create dynamic, intentional, and successful programming. They help ensure Program Staff have the guides, materials, and knowledge necessary to lead activities, facilitate smooth and timely transitions, carry out epic camp-wide adventures, and ultimately- push campers to dream, wonder, and dare!


CIT Supervisor: The CIT Supervisor is the primary mentor for individuals in the 5-week Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program, and applies youth development principles to empower CITs, embrace diversity, aid in skill development, and build connections between CITs and campers/staff. The CIT Supervisor guides and coaches CITs ages 15-17 of all gender identities and abilities, and is responsible for their health, safety, and welfare while they are at camp. They plan, coordinate, and facilitate ongoing training and teambuilding sessions for CITs that teach them the skills necessary to be positive role models, intentional helping hands, and future camp/youth leaders!

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