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Take it from the people who've lived it...

there's no summer job quite like one at Timber Pointe.


The inclusive and adaptive programs at Timber Pointe have shaped my worldview and affirmed my desire to become an Occupational Therapist. Seeing the way that spaces like this can be set up for all individuals to succeed has inspired me. I want to bring that inclusive mindset into my work as an OT, showing my clients that with the right adaptations, they can achieve anything!"


Pre-Occupational Therapy


Camp is a place that allows anyone to come as they are. There is no specific mold here that someone must fit into. I love working at a place that accepts everyone for their differences, and I love helping create the best summer full of laughter and memories that truly will last a lifetime.


Family & Child with concentration in Child Life

"Camp gives me the opportunity to live out my goal of being who I needed when I was younger, and that is so special to me. I'm so grateful for places like TPOC that truly exemplify unconditional love, inclusion, and belonging."


Elementary and Special Education


I remember you (Camp Director) telling me during my interview that the summer would be life changing... I got to truly see that firsthand. I fell in love with the campers and the environment itself- to love and support unconditionally, and be loved and supported unconditionally... you don't find that many places. My ability to connect with people was strengthened, and working in such a fast-paced, ever-changing environment gave me an adaptive mindset that is so important for my future."


Public Health

Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies


"I was recently accepted into multiple DPT programs... I was able to highlight my work at camp both during my personal statement and in my interview responses. I'm forever thankful for the time I spent at camp with the kiddos and the staff!"


Physical Therapy


"Camp makes me feel vibrant, capable, curious, and truly myself. It's the best place on earth and has the best energy to support individual and team growth while making lifelong friends."


Physical Education


"Camp totally changed my life. It has been amazing to see the growth in campers and myself over the summers and to see camp itself change and grow too!"



Camp is a place of happiness and family to me. Everyone that is there is so important and loved, and camp is a place that lets you feel that. There's nowhere else that pushes you to grow and be your best self in the way that camp does."


Special Education with Early Childhood Special Education endorsement

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