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Program Staff facilitate the epic camp FUN! You’ll have the chance to be a memory maker, stargazer, s’mores creator, belayer, karaoke host, snow cone connoisseur, lifeguard, and more, but most of all, the chance to lead campers to create, laugh, bond, dream, and achieve.

You will be trained/certified on our high ropes course and zip line, as well as lifeguarding. You'll also be cross-trained in other program areas, including canoeing, archery, cooking, science, fishing, and more! Program Staff guide child and adult-aged campers through experiences they never thought possible, adapting each activity so that ALL campers, regardless of ability level, can participate to their fullest potential and are 100% included, 100% empowered. You'll get to develop meaningful relationships with campers as they lead them through new and exciting adventures!

Program Staff also create the MAGIC! This role requires heaping amounts of enthusiasm and creativity, as we often involve characters and costuming, accents and performances, whatever means necessary to create epic moments and ultimately, a camp experience full of wonder and excitement!





Counselors are the soul of camp. They set the tone for how great a campers experience will be by facilitating friendships and adventures in an enthusiastic, compassionate manner. Counselors will be assigned 1-4 campers, depending on their individual needs, and will be by their campers’ sides, guiding them throughout their day and utilizing strategies to promote positive behaviors and choices. They will offer support during activities, mealtimes, and transitions. Counselors will assist campers, to whatever varying degree necessary, with the daily aspects of personal care (showering, changing, toileting, eating, dressing, transferring, etc.). Counselors get to be a camper’s best friend as they navigate making new friends, developing life skills, and trying new things. 



The Intervention Specialist is devoted to being the support system for campers and counselors. Through observation and interaction, they ensure the needs of each camper are being met and that they feel safe and supported to challenge themselves, try new things, and develop meaningful life skills. This role will think outside the box to generate ideas and strategies to equip counselors to develop and promote positive behaviors and choices within campers, successful transitions, effective sensory solutions, and maximum participation in camp life. The Intervention Specialist has advanced knowledge of camper care, positive behavioral strategies, effective communication and conflict resolution.


The Program Specialist assists the Program Manager in the development and supervision of all activity areas, across both our Day Camp and Overnight programming. They will be trained/certified not only in specialty program areas (high ropes course, zip line, lifeguarding), but cross-trained across all program areas, including canoeing, archery, fishing, cooking, science, arts and crafts, and many more! They serve as immediate support for Program Staff, ensuring the mission of Timber Pointe is infused into the experiences of campers, families, and staff members. This role maintains a critical and creative eye across multiple domains, implementing schedules while bringing magic and imagination to life through every aspect of the camp experience.


The CIT Supervisor serves as the primary mentor for individuals in the 5-week Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program, applying youth development principles to empower youth, embrace diversity, aid in skill development, and build connections between CITs and campers/other staff. The CIT Supervisor will guide CITs ages 15-17 of all gender identities and abilities and will be responsible for their health, safety, and welfare while here at camp. They will work in conjunction with the Program Manager and/or Camp Director to assist in the planning and implementation of the CIT process and an effective and impactful training program consistent with CIT Program goals, teaching CITs the skills necessary to be positive role models, intentional helping hands, and future camp/youth leaders.





Reach out to our Camp Director, Lydia Gartner, at



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