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Family Retreats

Craving a chance to getaway, reconnect as a family, and experience both relaxation and adventure without compromising your family’s health and safety? Our 2-night Family Retreats are designed to give families who have a child with a disability or challenging illness a renewing and refreshing break at our beautiful 170-acre property on Lake Bloomington.


Included in this experience is:

  • A private, climate-controlled and wheelchair accessible cabin

  • Five family-friendly meals

  • A wide variety of exciting activities that are adaptive to all ages and abilities

  • Periods of optional childcare/respite care provided by one of our well-trained, compassionate staff members

  • Plenty of gorgeous, green space to explore!

Cost: $150/cabin + $70/person (ages 3+) for programming and meals. Financial assistance is available.

Spring Family Retreat: March 31-April 2, 2023


“Having a planned trip, meals, and activities took a lot off of us as parents. A counselor watched over our children for a bit so my husband and I could have a break to unwind/rest.


This downtime was so needed, we've not had a break since last year. The BEST part was the kids got to be themselves and have so much freedom!”


"My son has experienced many "firsts" thanks to camp- rock climbing, swimming and boating. I never imagined him doing something like that. There is truly something 'magical' about this place...the bonding we experience as a family is invaluable."

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